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M. J. M. C.
Sl. No. Paper Code / Name Topic Format Date Prepared By View / Download
53 CC 301
Sem - III
Censorship-Governmental and Otherwise PDF 23-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
52 CC 303
Sem - III
Elements of Magazine Page Makeup PPT 21-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
51 CC 301
Sem - III
RHow the program is Built and Presented PDF 21-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
50 CC 303
Sem - III
The news flow and copy editing PPT 19-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
49 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio Features and Commentary-Writing Exercise PDF 18-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
48 CC 303
Sem - III
Magazine Management-Structure PPT 17-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
47 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio Features and Commentary-II PDF 16-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
46 CC 303
Sem - III
Proofreading Symbols PDF 15-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
45 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio Features and Documentary PDF 14-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
44 CC 303
Sem - III
Placement of Photo Graphs and Cartoons PDF 12-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
43 CC 301
Sem - III
Popularity Ratings PDF 11-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
42 CC 303
Sem - III
Editorial Setup PDF 10-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
41 CC 301
Sem - III
Writing the Advertisement Script PDF 09-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
40 CC 303
Sem - III
WRITING THE HEADLINE PDF 08-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
39 CC 301
Sem - III
The Advertising Agency and Radio PDF 07-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
38 CC 303
Sem - III
Reading Proofs PDF 05-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
37 CC 301
Sem - III
Advertising on Radio III PDF 04-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
36 CC 303
Sem - III
Detecting & Correcting Errors PDF 03-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
35 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio as Advertising Medium (Part-2) PDF 02-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
34 CC 303
Sem - III
How to Copy Edit a Story PDF 01-Dec-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
33 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio as Advertising Medium PDF 01-Dec-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
32 CC 303
Sem - III
Editing Process PDF 28-Nov-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
31 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio as Advertising Medium PDF 27-Nov-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
30 CC 303
Sem - III
EDITORIAL SETUP OF A MAGAZINE PDF 26-Nov-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
29 CC 303
Sem - III
Areas of Editing and Process PPT 24-Nov-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
28 CC 303
Sem - III
Magazine Editing PPT 12-Nov-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
27 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio programme formats III- Drama PDF 11-Nov-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
26 CC 303
Sem - III
Publishing Special Issues PDF 10-Nov-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
25 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio Program Formats PDF 09-Nov-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
24 CC 303
Sem - III
Photographs and Cartoons in Magazine PPT 07-Nov-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
23 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio Formats PDF 06-Nov-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
22 CC 303
Sem - III
Content of Magazine PPT 05-Nov-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
21 CC 301
Sem - III
Different formats and radio writing-I PDF 04-Nov-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
20 CC 303
Sem - III
IDEAS FOR TOPIC PDF 31-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
19 CC 303
Sem - III
Target Audience PPT 29-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
18 CC 301
Sem - III
Ingredients of a News Bulletin PDF 28-Oct-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
17 CC 303
Sem - III
Types of Magazine Continues PDF 22-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
16 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio News Bulletin Principles & Structure PDF 21-Oct-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
15 CC 303
Sem - III
Types of Magazine PDF 20-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
14 CC 301
Sem - III
Radio News Bulletin PDF 19-Oct-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
13 CC 301
Sem - III
Elements and Qualities PDF 16-Oct-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
12 CC 303
Sem - III
History of Magazine PDF 15-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
11 CC 301
Sem - III
News writing Exercise - 2 PDF 14-Oct-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
10 CC 303
Sem - III
Development in Magazine Journalism PDF 13-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
09 CC 301
Sem - III
'News writing Exercise PDF 12-Oct-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
08 CC 301
Sem - III
'LOW' exercise for news writing Voice 09-Oct-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
07 CC 303
Sem - III
Evolution of Print Journalism PDF 09-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
06 CC 301
Sem - III
Six C's Of Lead Writing & Writing Exercise PDF 07-Oct-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
05 CC 303
Sem - III
Introduction to Magazines PDF 06-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
04 CC 301
Sem - III
Basics of Radio Writing PDF 05-Oct-2020 Mukesh Kumar View
03 CC 303
Sem - III
Flight and Ethenic Magazines PDF 01-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View
02 CC 304
Sem - III
Blogs and websites PDF 01-Oct-2020 Amit Kumar View
01 CC 303
Sem - III
Home and Garden Magazines PDF 01-Oct-2020 Ganesh Kumar Ranjan View

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